Along with traditional medicine, unconventional methods are very popular today. One of them is Su – jok therapy, not so well known in the domestic latitudes. Meanwhile, this method can be really effective! However, it is important to use it correctly! Then the positive result will not keep you waiting!

What is meant by the notion of Su-Jok therapy?

Su-jok therapy is a kind of acupuncture, based entirely on direct action only on the active points mainly on the hands and feet. This treatment method appeared in the 80s of the last century, and despite its relatively young age, the research results eloquently testify to the fact that this trend has a rather bright future.

Is Su-Jok comparable to traditional treatments?

Su-jok is an area that belongs to unconventional oriental methods of non-medicinal treatment, but classical medicine often cooperates with this therapy as well.

First mentions of the new method in specialized printed editions appeared in 1986 and immediately caused interest of medical luminaries, thanks to its simplicity and at the same time effectiveness. It was exactly this peculiarity that led soo-jok to its popularity, which with time spread beyond Korean borders.

Today, the expertise of Korean doctors is actively used in European countries as well, where it is often included in state health care programmes. Such confidence shows that the method really works. And, most importantly, it promotes a speedy recovery for everyone who needs it.

How does the technique work?

According to the teachings of Su – jok, the human body is associated by the diagnostician as a unified and indivisible energy structure, all running processes of which are closely and indivisibly united with each other. Any disease is an attempt to destroy this strong union.

Among other things, the treatment will be focused not only on the absolute elimination of the symptoms that often bother the patient the most, but also on the complete restoration of his energy structure, with subsequent elimination of the root cause of the ailment.

What is the essence of the Su-Jok method?

Based on the principle of unity of all systems of the body, we can draw a parallel between the human body, hands and feet.

For example, the thumb is the head, the index and the little finger are the human hands, the middle and the ring are the locomotor apparatus, or, simply, the legs. In turn, the spine is projected on the back side of the hand, the thorax – on the palm under the thumb area, and the abdomen – on the middle of the palm. Thanks to specially developed charts, this correspondence can be found quickly. However, in order to find all the points correctly, you will have to practice a lot.

How is the diagnosis made?

Contrary to the huge number of computer techniques and modern technology, diagnostics in su – jok is carried out by means of a stick or needle. Here the key role is given to the specialist, who must be unmistakably versed in his case. The point where the patient experiences painful sensations is the projection of the affected internal organ. Once the root of the evil is found, the system or organ is examined more fully.

How is treatment done?

The Su – jok method does not use pills or injections, but massages, color therapy, exposure to magnetic fields, etc. are almost universally used. Methods of treatment are quite diverse, so the only right one will be chosen based on the individual needs of each patient’s body.

Types of Su – jok therapy

Existing types of su – jok therapy differ not by their treatment approaches, but by the direct form of exposure to different parts of the human body. In addition to the hands and feet, this can be the scalp, the ear lobes, and even the tongue! However, the diagnostician will be able to tell after the initial examination which variant is more effective.

Why is it worth using Su-Jok therapy?

Supporters of the su-djok therapy method are quite numerous today, as are the arguments in favor of this particular method of treatment. The advantages are really indisputable! And the most relevant ones are:

  • Absence of pain. Classical medicine often offers painful and very unpleasant treatment methods, which also do not always give positive results. With the su- jok method, the patient is as relaxed as possible and does not feel any stress. In fact, as well as pain.
  • High efficiency index. Positive effect is evident in few minutes after the beginning, even during the first session! And, with regular treatment, well-being improves right before our eyes! With the same speed the symptoms go away.
  • Lack of absolute contraindications. That is why parents often resort to Su-jok therapy, because it is a very important aspect! This therapy works very well with children and gives terrific results. Su-jok therapy is also indicated for people with allergies. It is often used by those who suffer from allergic reactions to medications. It is necessary to note, that there are still some restrictions on the use of this method. They are determined by the doctor.
  • The impossibility of causing harm. The su – jok method is completely harmless, so, in the most extreme case, the patient will not get rid of his ailment. However, this happens very rarely.
  • Versatility of the method. Being away from qualified medical care, the patient can help himself/herself with the Su – jok methodology, which will quickly alleviate the condition and give strength to overcome the way to a medical institution. This is especially true for patients in severe pain.