New questions appear after the admissions test in the form of the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM). This time, they are related to the care provided by the institution to those seeking a place on the student body. Several social media posts have shown the effects of unprotected sun exposure, as several young people show signs of sun-induced irritation on their skin.

“This is the result of Rector Jeri’s insane mind. He only cares about paying for the right to an exam, which is not cheap at all, but in return the students who get ripped off lose consciousness and with heatstroke, etc.,” said a user identified as Marcia Aguilar in a post that tagged the Ministry of Education and Suneda.

“My daughter gets burns after being in the sun. There’s no way the university doesn’t think any student can take exams in these conditions. With this heat, who can answer the questions well. This is an attack on the health of the applicants. Where are the Health Department and prosecutor’s offices to report such an outrage?” , read one of the comments on Facebook.

The above-mentioned publication attaches an image in which you can see how the complainant’s skin showed signs of sunburn. It should be recalled that, according to Senamhi, the maximum temperature forecast for today, Saturday, April 2, was 26ºC. In addition, ultraviolet radiation levels have ranged from high to extremely high in recent months. The value regularly reached at the measuring station located in San Martin de Porres is 11 points, which is part of the extremely high level.


Images posted by UNAMS on social media show that preventive measures have been taken for sun exposure. Applicants were given a cardboard cap and a bottle of water; however, this was not enough for other effects that can be caused by constant exposure to the sun. One of the victims noted that the S/560 paid for the right to examine would have served to prepare the facilities so that no one would suffer health effects. At the close of this note, the institution had not commented on the steps to be taken in response to the complaints.

Since Peru is still facing the COVID-19 pandemic, it is known that the institution has taken measures to administer the test outdoors to avoid collecting applicants in closed spaces where the virus could remain. This is not the first time UNMSM has taken an exam that has taken these measures; however, the climatic situation in the capital did not favor those who returned to campus this Saturday to take the admissions test.

It should be recalled that the test taken this morning was due to the cancellation of the previous one after it was found that the score was filtered and some candidates received outside help for admission to the study center. On the night of March 12, the first message from a user identified as Josue Vasquez showed images of a chat that included some of the questions that were part of the admissions test. What drew the most attention, however, were the identical scores of several applicants. Gracie Liliana Quintos Vilches and Jwen Lizet Quintos Vilches, two alleged sisters who applied for a degree in human medicine, received the same score.